About Us B-Smart



  1. B-Smart Retail offers a new and innovative marketing approach to the retail market:

* Enhancing the interaction between the suppliers and the     


* Acquiring practical insights about the retailer and its potential

   customers through opening new channels of activity.

The company is fully committed to being a leading factor in the retail market by being constantly up-to-date with the innovations and trends of the global retail market.


  1. B-Smart Retail Company vision

“Being an influencing and forming factor in the futuristic retail market”


The company will continue developing new retail formats for the retailers and will support and escort them from the existing bricks and mortar, more traditional retail, towards the constant changing and new retail age.


  1. B-Smart retailis a part of the Buchwalter group – a leading group of companies which provides all the needs of the retail market.  
  2. B-Smart retailhave several subsidiary companies which are incorporated with a tight interface in order to provide our customers with a professional response to every need, in every channel of the futuristic retail market.


About retail marketing: 


Retail marketing is the SUM of all the actions a retailer must accomplish – examine and study through multidimensional actions. Be creative inventive to find intellectual breakthroughs.

The retailer has to operate in a complex and varied assortment of fields – trade, marketing, operations, planning, customer experience, innovations, stock etc. In order to master and control it all, there is a need in combined cross-chain/organization retail marketing.


  • Escorting the customer by a methodology and multi-channeled strategy to enhance the conversion rate of all variables towards customer planned and intended purchase.
  • Store Planning- store layout and costumer flow planning that influence sales and profits.
  • Designing shopping experience whilst ensuring ergonomic design and accessibility.
  • Upgrading old or existing stores without closure.
  • Building the “winning” products range and localization.
  • Creatiing brand differentiation by emphasizing unique core categories which strengthen sales and promotes the retailer.
  • Maximizing the costumer add value by optimizing the retailer shelf management.
  • Implementation of technological innovations and communication and fine tune them to fit the retail space.
  • Top of the art crowd-counting and conversion rates technologies.
  • We provide B-Smart solutions to complex problems, creating retail spaces which increase the retailer’s turnover and profit while combining and retaining the brand identity.
  • Project execution- design, production, escorting, consulting, and managing from the drawing board till the grand opening of a single store or complete chain of stores.


Business model & pricing:


We offer a flexible and modular business model in which you can choose to use our range of services according to your need and budget.

We can provide for the whole and complete project A-Z or any part of it.

The price will be differed according to the services our costumer chooses to involve us in his project.

Our company also believes in success-based pricing of a project and being rewarded upon success after professional examination.


B-Smart retail specialized in:


  1. Amplification of the awareness to costumer interaction.
  2. Opening new, updated and innovative channels of activity.
  3. Acquiring and implementing insights of establishing and operating POS.
  4. Developing and implementing conceptual and focused costumer experience.
  5. One-stop-shop for every retail business that wishes to grow and thrive.
  6. Stores can be upgraded without closing for renovation to keep an up to date retail environment and costumer experience. 



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